14. East Lindsay District Council v Daubney

In this episode we look at dismissal for long-term absence. The classic explanation of how a fair employer should approach the issue is East Lindsay District Council v Daubney  but the law has moved on a bit since then and we now have to think about disability discrimination as well as just reasonableness. How much of a difference does that make and is the Court of Appeal decision in O’Brien v Bolton St Catherine’s Academy the way forward, or should we look to City of York v Grosset?

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2 Responses to 14. East Lindsay District Council v Daubney

  1. Danny says:

    The reading was very interesting, the parts I can get my head round. I work for a local authority but in Housing. I am thinking of taking the Council to a tribunal for Direct Discrimination,I still attend work but it is becoming more difficult. I need to do something if not I will become another statistic after 20 years of service. I have gone through five years of hell. If suffer Mental illness for the past 20 years brought on by my first post with the authority in Residential Child Care.
    Anyway it gives me hope.
    Thank you


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